Zar is an Italian fingerstyle and lap tapping guitarist. He also sings and plays the didgeridoo.

He studied his first classic guitar, gifted by his grandfather, in Rome with Bruno Continenza at the age of 12, then he passed to the electric guitar under the supervision of the great Leonardo Porcheddu, who taught him for 5 years. After high school, he moved to Dublin, Ireland, in the autumn of 2014 to settle there and build a career with his original music. 

Landed to Dublin, he buys his first acoustic guitar and starts to experiment with it, a technique called “Lap Tapping”, known and popular with the movie “August Rush” (Soundtrack from Kaki King). Surrounded by music, from pubs to the streets, Zar decided to try and play literally everywhere. So, he joins the Dublin’s Buskers and shares his music from the streets and on some great stages as Button Factory, Whelans, DC Club, The Bowery, Porterhouse, Sin E.
Dublin has always given what he needed, starting with the right people to friends.

From there, his first EP “Sounds of Mind” started to shape as a “Musical Painting for when your eyes are closed”. A sound exhibition for the curious ear.
He’s currently working on a full album that will incorporate voices, didgeridoo, of course, guitars and collaborations as well.

Find the single Tendinitis to have a taste of the new sound.

He grew up listening to rock and metal music as Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Mr.Big, Queen, Megadeth, Extreme, Symphony X but always influenced by more shredders characters as Paul Gilbert, Nuno Bettencourt, Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman, Steve Vai and the list goes on.

Zar has also other projects:

The acoustic trio called Headtrip Acoustic Project, formed by Giovanni Agostini on the acoustic guitar and NikMartken on his various percussion, started in 2016 when Zar met Giovanni Agostini busking in the same spot as Molly Malone. In 2018, they released the original EP ‘The Rising’ a very epic soundtrack for your ears, and then in early 2020 they also released a dark arrangement of the very famous tune by John Lennon ‘Imagine’. A second album is also coming out soon!

The 4-piece electric band called Counter Intelligence, where Zar, Major on lead vocals, Phantasm on the bass and Mountain on the drums and studio productions. The different backgrounds and musical tastes allowed them to create their own Genre which they coined ‘Transversal Rock’. A second album is also coming soon!